What to use instead of Baby Powder ?

1st lets be clear why you are asking this.  If your primary concern is that you heard Talcum based baby powder is bad then you should know many manufacturers of powder also make a cornstarch based NON-Talc alternative with the same general formulas.  Check out this Post (Are there powders without Talcum ).

However if you want to avoid Baby powder in its entirety whether due to choice, allergy, or other general concern.  There are options.

Plain cornstarch is a base ingredient in some powders and for the naturalists out there that are still in need of a moisture absorbing product or something to cut down on friction you can use this common kitchen item.  

Need some more options?  What to use instead of baby powder?  Cornstarch not your thing. well here are 4 more all natural, realtively common options you can try.  Arrowroot starch, Tapiocca Starch, Baking Soda, or Oat flour can all be used.  

How about some commercial options for available in stores or online ?

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