Is Baby Powder bad for you?

There is currently not enough scientific evidence to say whether Talcum Powder usually sold as Baby Powder is bad for you or not.  There are a couple main concerns that cause some to avoid Talc powder based products.

The main concern is that Talcum or Talc is mined.  The Talcum is then processed into a powder in used in hundreds if not thousands of products for a variety of purposes.  Feel free to check out our other Post “Talcum Powder Uses”.

So mining is bad?  Well thats another BLOG, but for the purposes of Talcum the concern is that asbestos is also mined from the ground.  There have been claims that some of the sources of Talcum inadvertently also have asbestos.  Some studies have shown traces of asbestos in some Talc Powders and Talcum Powder products.  Obviously no one wants to apply asbestos to their skin or their babies.  

What other concerns are there with Talcum Powder?  Well the 2nd and probably most common concern is that powders are exceptionally small particles.  There have been reports of people who apply too much powder or accidental squeezes of the Talcum Powder bottles which have caused smoke clouds of dust.  This dust isnt good for anyone to breath but can be dangerous for tiny children with smaller lungs and others who have compromised breathing issues. 

So is baby powder safe?

Most people including myself have used Talcum Powder at some point in their lives.  I would guess many of our parents used it on us.  I dont make descisions for others but for myself I would say in small quanities with careful application and handling I personally feel its fine for my family.  

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