Does Talcum Powder cause cancer?

Baby powder and cancer in the same headline?  We did the research so you dont have to.

Over the last few years several Talcum powder manufacturers faced litigation over claims that the Talc baby powders or Talcum products contained traces of asbestos.  Asbestos if inhaled is known to scar the lungs and exposure especially long term has been tied back to cancer and deaths.


Both sides in the litgation presented an army of medical studies attempting to show a correlation to increase chances of cancer and other studies showed no increase over the general population.  

Ultimately at this time there is nothing that I would consider conclusive either way.  As most are not inhaling powder, and I personally dont feel the body would absorb or allow in any large quanity of the “trace” asbestos found in some Talcum products.  

That said I also dont believe in taking unneccessary risk.  Talcum free baby powder, Talc Free powder and NON Talc products have existed for years and still do.  By far most use cornstarch as the alternative base.  This is a product in many kitchens and so I am even more confident would have zero negative effect. 

So in closing although there is no way to be sure whether someones unfortunate battle with cancer was brought on from asbestos exposure through Talcum baby powder to Talc products.  I can be sure that that there are quality, easily available alternatives that I can feel more confident using for a little if any difference in price.  In fact many major manufacturers baby powder have both a Talcum Powder and a Non-Talcum alternative product on the same shelf in the same store.  Take a look at the ingredients and choose the one that you see fit.  

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